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Unique Group (UG) is one of the largest and foremost diversified business entities in Bangladesh. Its journey started in early 1980’s, and over the years, it has diversified into many new businesses in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders, while contributing significantly to the economy. UG developed a unique business model of creating empowered companies that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and group wide synergies. This principle has led UG to becoming a powerful business portfolio. Today, the span of UG operations diversified into more than twenty different business areas. These include Hospitality, Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Development, Telecommunication, Shipping Line, Share Management, Bank, Insurance, Financial Institution, Manpower Management, Ceramics Industry, Power Plant, Human Resources Development, International Trade, Newspaper, Art & Culture.

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They said the years of the 21st century will be the years that all countries in this globe will be boundary less. We will be able to sit at home and work directly with the projects in the USA or UK or Africa or Australia or anywhere in the world through landlines media and satellite information networks. We can communicate in real time to all zones in this world. We do business with E-commerce. We will ride in flying vehicles like we see in the Hollywood films and much more you may imagine. It will be the time for the Generation-Y. The result of all of these technologies has pushed and made the world turn round seemingly faster than before. It is our accountability to keep our pace along with these dynamic changes otherwise we will decline to be a professional. Nevertheless how fast and whereabouts the technology will direct us to, the platform of one life should be justified sensibly to the balancing of life in this wave of modern phenomenon. We still need clean air to breath, need hygienic foods and water to eat and drink, need nature of good environment. We must control the usage of our consumable natural resources; control the emission of the pollution. We will not be able to live without these no matter how far and how high we go with the technology. Environmental-friendly will not just be a smart word or cliche, but it will be in the master concept of every work we do. Borak Ready Mix Concrete Established in 2015. Borak Ready Mix Concrete grew to become a leading producer and marketer of high quality ready mix concrete. We work hard to develop and deliver the best ready-mix concrete in Dhaka City. Operating one batching plant with six mixer trucks and two concrete pumps. Our production capacity is 1,25,000cft per month. Already we delivered 7,43,296cft concrete from beginning. Our vision to be most trusted provider of concrete solution in Dhaka City. Our mission to be leading producer of high quality ready mix concrete. Our products and Service: We can delivered RMC concrete in 24hours any place in Dhaka City We provide best quality concrete at any site. We are capable to deliver concrete at vertically 400feet and horizontally 1000feet. We have professional Laboratory technical team & Driver who can prompt concrete solution & everyone RMC is dedicate to customer satisfaction. Advantage We have concrete specialist who will provide concrete solution. We use best quality course & fine aggregate also we use multinational cement and admixture for RMC product. We have 2800 model Schwing Stetter Concrete pump which is capable to deliver 90m³/hr RMC. We are capable to deliver concrete 24 hours everyday. We have own laboratory. We are capable to provide RMC related all laboratory test. We have self-independent technical team. Future Expansion Plan We will expansion our plant in future. Our expansion plan are details in below. Existing Capacity Future Plan Batching Plant : 30m³/hrs 90m³/hrs Concrete Pump: 02nos 04nos Transit Mixer : 06nos 20nos Payloader : 01no 2nos Pick-Up : 01no 2nos Production Capacity: 1,25,000cft/Month 4,50,000cft/month We need geographic location in our profile.

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  • Message from the Managing Director.

    The new millennium will be an era of world globalization and digitalization. The WTO, APEC, SAARC, D-8, BIMSTEC, G-8, EC, GCC, ASEAN and ISO will play major roles in governing all kinds of trades and services. Business must develop themselves rapidly and vigorously to be able to stay firmly in the market where Unique Group will focus more attention to offer services. The Unique Group is engaged in building a world of happiness, peace and prosperity through its honest and sincere efforts by developing products, services and facilities in the areas of Real Estate, Electrical Power Plants, Air Travel, Aviation Services, Tourism, Recruiting Manpower, Vocational Training, Ceramic Products, Banking Services, Housing Finance and Investment Services, Hotel services and through other commercial and industrial projects. With its manifold enterprises ad multi pattern activities and its ever expanding activities in hand and its commitments in new fields, the Group desires installation of a sound economic structure for the Country which is urgently needed for the prosperous growth of the nation. Our motto is to serve and always endeavor to serve better through Participation in all Steps, Partnership with Clients, Teamwork, Commitment, Project Teams, Human Resources and above all Vision for Tomorrow. So our Group encourages the use of local talents with an admixture of foreign know how and technology. Due to its efforts a good number of unemployed but educated young people had access to the skilled training and knowledge in various trades. With a sizable retinue of experts and professionals in its roll, the Group has plans and programmes to create a real thrust in structuring a development friendly environment in Bangladesh. In fine, we want to contribute our knowledge and experience towards national progress and prosperity now and always.

    Mohd.Noor Ali
    Managing Director, Unique Group.

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